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Display & Share Information In Style!

Glassboards have increased in popularity as simple and effective write on-wipe off writing boards especially in offices, meeting rooms and conference areas.
They are a stylish, clean and contemporary alternative to conventional whiteboards. The panels can be custom manufactured to almost any size (maximum 2.5 square metres) and are available in a wide range of background colours.

The colour of the glass can match, or contrast, with your walls or be clear to let the wall colour show through.
Glassboards can also have almost any image, logo, copy or schematic adhered to them, enabling them to be used for planning, forecasting, staffing, farming, flow charting etc.

•Clear, frosted or coloured backing
•Schematics, flow charts, logos, plans or any image as the backing and you can write over that on the front
•Affixed with chrome fixture screws
•Use standard whiteboard markers and simply wipe clean
•25 Year Surface Guarantee*
•Glass is 5mm thick
* Glassboards have a twenty-five year surface guarantee, subject to the product being used for its designed purpose.

Sizes made to order.

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