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Laptop Cobber

Meet Laptop Cobber – our versatile Laptop Stand Laptops are an excellent piece of technology for those of us who are on the road lots, or often away from the office. The bad news is, they’re an ergonomic nightmare. Some say that laptops are made for people the size of Smurfs, but for all of us real, live humans, there is a solution… Introducing the Laptop Cobber. Now we know that what goes on tour, usually stays on tour but this is one of those ‘out of office’ stories that you can happily share with others.

Laptop Cobber helps you work more comfortably
Designed to raise and tilt your laptop to the most ergonomic position, our laptop stand gives you the freedom to use your technology of choice, without upsetting the occupational health and safety ‘police’. Avoid the strains brought on by prolonged laptop use, and maintain a comfortable, sustainable working posture.

Laptop Cobber is versatile: it goes where you go
We know you’re on the move, but Laptop Cobber wants to tag along. It folds down flat and can slip into your briefcase and comes with a protective neoprene bag which doubles as a mouse pad. Laptop Cobber is flexible We’ve been doing our stretches and now the Laptop Cobber can bend to six different tilt positions and allows for adjustable height and width. It also accommodates iPads and tablet PC’s in either portrait or landscape.

Laptop Cobber features and specs
• Aluminium frame with slim design
• Lightweight and portable
• Designed to avoid the common over-heating problem

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