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Natural fluid movement – the LIFE chair’s geometry allows the seat and back plans to move in sync with your body, providing constant support without constraining your movements
Flexing Support – the amount of flex in the back is automatically tuned to your weight so that you get the benefits of flexing and stretching no matter what your size. The flexing seat responds to your leg movements. Whether your legs are tucked under or stretched out in front, the seat adapts perfectly
Auto Balance Recline Tension – The LIFE chair automatically adjusts to hold you in balance in any position as you recline. No matter who you are, big or small, the recline tension is right for you – no manual adjustments
Constant Eye Level – As you recline your eye line remains virtually constant. This means you can move continually as you work, without having to refocus when computing or interacting
Intuitive controls – easy and obvious but each chair comes with permanent pull out instructions – just in case


• Back suspension fabric
• Skin colours: eclipse, fire, cloud, electric, natural
• Seat topper (optional)
• Choose your own fabric; most upholstery fabrics / leather suitable centre
• Lumbar optional
• Height adjustable Armrests
• Polished aluminium or grey nylon base

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